Sale conditions

Sale conditions

The domain belongs to the company COSTUMES MODERNOS - UNIPESSOAL, LDA, headquartered at Rua do Quebra Costas Nº 35, in Coimbra, with NIPC 513 562 451.

The company COSTUMES MODERNOS, hereinafter referred to as A DE AMOR, has three stores for sale to the public in the Baixa and Historic Zone of Coimbra and also manages an online store at where it sells to Portugal, Spain, some European Union countries, Brazil, Canada, among others.

Online sales are governed by the following conditions:


The prices shown in the online store are exclusive and may not correspond to the prices charged in the physical store due to the inherent costs that it presents.


Through the website, simply add the products to the cart and proceed with the checkout in the forms intended for this purpose.

The minimum amount to make a purchase is €5.00 (five EUR), excluding shipping costs.

You can ask for clarifications through the contact form , by WhatsApp +351916009626 or directly to the email .

The purchase is only completed after confirmation of payment. if made by bank transfer.

If you choose the Multibanco (MB), MBWay or Paypal option, you do not need to send the proof. The Multibanco option provides 2 days (48 hours) to make the payment . After this period, the order is cancelled.

After confirmation of payment, the delivery process of the products in question will be triggered.

We always appreciate placing your complete address and verifying it.

The delivery address may be the easiest location for delivery during business hours. You must always indicate at least one telephone contact number.

Consult the Delivery Conditions here.


There are two types of products in the online store . Products that are only available if there is stock available in the online store , and own products or products for immediate replacement, which do not generate stock and can always be purchased in the online store regardless of quantity.

In the case of an order for a product with available stock in the online store, but, due to a stock or system error, it is out of stock , the customer is notified, being able to choose whether to cancel the order and request a refund, wait for the replacement from stock or replace with another product available for immediate delivery .

Own or immediate replacement products can always be purchased from the online store even without stock immediately available for delivery , and may experience delays of between two to five working days , under normal conditions, depending on the quantity ordered. Whenever there is no availability of stock for these products, the Customer is notified of the delivery forecast, being able to cancel the order and request a refund, wait for stock replacement or replace it with another product available for immediate delivery .

We are available for any clarification by WhatsApp +351 91 600 96 26 or by E-mail